I am PROUD of my Quilt Shop

I started Snips of Thread Quilt Shop on June 1, 2015, well that is when my first bolt of fabric went on the shelf. I have worked hard to find distributors that give me the highest quality fabric at the lowest prices so I can make quilting affordable for my quilting friends and neighbors. I have taken classes on building my own website, visual display, marketing on social media and have put many of my new skills to work! I am proud of how my shop looks and feels. On June 1 the All Iowa Shop Hop Begins. I am VERY excited to be on the Hop this summer and to show off my shop to everyone who stops by. Here is a sneak peek...

Visual Display

I am very excited about a class I am taking at Indian Hills Community College. It is all about visual display. I am learning so much and realizing how much more I have to learn. I am good at putting colors and fabrics together for quilts and I know what I like when displaying my fabric in the shop, but I have been introduced to the concepts needed to do my job as a shop owner so much better. I love to learn new things! A new idea opens the door for a whole new level of questions and research on a topic that I am very interested in. I hope my quilting friends and neighbors will be impressed with the changes they see in the coming months. I can't wait to get started! Thanks to Diana Upton-Hill for being such a great teacher! 

Don't Miss the All Iowa Shop Hop

AISH coming June 1!! In case you don't know that is All Iowa Shop Hop and it lasts the entire month of June! I am excited for my first year as a vendor shop. I am so excited I am going to stay open until 9PM on Fridays and be open from 9AM to 9PM on Mondays! 

Did you know you can climb aboard a bus and leave the driving to someone else?  How about the cooking too?? Shoot, you don't even have to make your bed or clean the bathroom.  Sew Great Tours in Nevada, Iowa is putting together some awesome bus tours for the AISH. What a fantastic get-away! Grab your quilting buddies and check out Sew Great Tours . 

Source: www.sewgreattours.com

A Doctor of Fabric!

How cool would that be? I am Dr. Linda Dawson. A doctor of fabric! Well shoot, I can't say that, but I can say I was interviewed by a student from Iowa State University who is working on her dissertation paper. She is writing her paper on quilt shops owned by sole proprietors in Iowa towns of populations less than 1500 people. I truly enjoyed the experience and am very excited to read her paper when it is finished.  Dr. Jody will have her doctorate in Apparel, Merchandising and Design. Good Luck Jody!! It was great fun to get to visit with you and share some of my thoughts and ideas! 

Always Find Time to Make a New Quilt

Busy Busy Busy!! I am working on finalizing graduation quilts, making sure I have new fabric coming in for AISH and getting my quilt row and patten done for Row by Row! PLUS getting more products into my web store at snipsofthread.com. I am also trying to cram in a few technology classes to be a savvy business woman! I just picked out a new quilt pattern and fabric to make a gift for a family member. Sometimes you just need to stop and sew don't you??? As always this all becomes secondary to anyone who comes into the shop. My priority is ALWAYS my quilting friends and customers! Happy Quilting! Hope to see you soon!

I am "LIVE"!

After months of learning, planning and writing, Snips of Thread has an internet presence! I am excited for the future of Snips of Thread and for the continued growth and improvement of my shops, both physical and online. Welcome to Snips of Thread Quilt Shop!!