Custom quilting services are no longer available at Snips of Thread.  Snips of Thread is building a reference list for quilters who are willing to sew custom quits for those who do not sew, including Memory Quilts, T-Shirt Quilts, etc. 

Snips of Thread is putting the reference list together as a service only. These folks are not employees of Snips of Thread, nor does Snips of Thread make any profit from having their name on the list and sharing the list with those who ask for it. 

When using a person from the list, please be sure to ask to see samples of their work and to check out references. It is never a bad idea to have a basic agreement, including an estimated price, written down and signed by both parties. Quilts, quilting and quilting supplies are expensive. 

If you are a quilter who would like to have your name added to the reference list, please let us know.